This lease is between Ivars & Stephanie Linde (the landlord) and __________________________________(the renter/tenant). Payments will be in the form of ONE CHECK  payble to Stephanie Linde.

This lease shall begin after 10am on _____________and ends by 4pm on _____________.

Reservations require a $400 non -refundable deposit. We will not reserve dates without this deposit. Balance will be due 30 days prior to your stay. If balance has not been paid in full by 30 days prior, owners reserve the right to release reserved dates with no refunds given.  Please note: there will be no refunds to individuals due to inability to attend. This includes any & all unforeseen personal circumstances. It's advised that a replacement be found or that the group itself chip in to reimburse the person. The retreat will not participate in any refunds once final payment has been made.

If you need to cancel or change your reservation after reserving the dates, notify us as soon as possible. If you do so 60 days or more in advance, you will receive full reimbursement.  

Reimbursement of charges for reservations cancelled by the “owners” will be limited to the charged reservation rate only.  The “owners” will not be held liable for any costs incurred by renters outside of reservation charges (ie non reimbursed travel costs).
*7.375% sales tax. 2 night minimum stay ($50/person/night) & $800 minimum charge.  Fri & Sat must be rented together.

Number of guests attending ______  (there will be beds & tables for this number only)

Renters will maintain the property in good condition & agree to replace or pay for any loss, breakage or damage that’s caused by the group. All damages & excess cleaning will be charged at actual restoration costs with minimum labor charges of $70 per hour.  Electronics & appliances are in working order, but are not guaranteed. Refunds due to failure or breakdown of equipment cannot be given. Please notify us of any mechanical problems during your stay. If you find something that is not working or needs repair, please leave a note upon checkout to ensure that the problem is corrected for the next renter.

We are a PET-FREE & SMOKE-FREE facility.

Spraying adhesives indoors is not permitted. Renters are encouraged to bring slippers or other “inside” footwear as street shoes & “outdoor” footwear must be removed at the entryway. No children, nor anyone else that is not a registered guest is allowed in the property. Land line phone service is not available. 

Accidents can happen. There are sharp cutting systems & hot electric tools.  The “owner” cannot be held responsible for any injury.  By signing this agreement you release all claims & liabilities against Ivars & Stephanie Linde, the “owners” & agree that they shall not be responsible for any theft or injury caused to yourselves or others while in or on the rented property.  Renter assumes full responsibility & liability for the other guests in the group.

The signing of this lease signifies the acceptance of these terms & conditions in full. Landlord shall hereby be held harmless & tenant hereby expressly waives any & all claims against said owner for any personal injuries to themselves or visitors, sustained in any way, or any loss or damage to property caused by fire, water, deluge or overflow or explosion, howsoever arising or caused, or for loss of any articles by theft  from premises or building.

The owners of this property do not discriminate based on race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, handicap, sexual orientation or familial status. I hereby release Ivars & Stephanie Linde, the “owners” of any liability, claims, lawsuits, losses, costs & expenses of any kind which arise out of using this property. Your reservation & signed form is considered a statement that you have read this lease & agree to all terms & conditions associated with renting this facility.

Renter signature                                                             Date                                                     Printed name

Cell Phone Number                                                                                       Email address
Once you have read, signed & completed this form, please mail it back to: 
Stephanie Linde: 4875 Lakeway Drive, Duluth, MN 55811 - checks payable to Stephanie Linde



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